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Oh lord I can feel another collection coming on. The Murano one now intrigues me I can see with an eye glass now the holes being bubbles as you said Ray, I still think it's quite early though, so might have to do some more work on it.
I like to colour in the Strathearn weight, would I be right in assuming it to be a fairly common example, I think I'm getting hooked, still they are smaller than vases.

As Ray has said the Strathearn is an "Orchid" [P4 design]. But the "1969 to 1971" dating applies to a similar weight made by Perthshire Paperweights [PP9 design]. The Strathearn ones were regular production 1965 to 1979.

As Frank has pointed out, Richard More's site is the current place for info on Strathearn weights. His page on the Orchids, showing examples of all three colours they were produced in, is:

The current "market price" for these is around £30 - 40 or maybe a bit more.

As for the Murano - I have no idea. And to be honest, those types of "large cane" weights don't do much for me at all.  :(

Thanks Kev, well with that for the Strathearn, the Murano owes me nothing, but I'm really quite taken with them both, although the only PW's I've kept have been Venini within my overall Venini collection, I do feel a new interest stiring here.


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