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the one i got today

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a nice 5-1 facet weight i'm 100% i'm sure who made it, but what do you think

I've got one of those as well - also unmarked. However I reckoned on Caithness because of the overall size and the facet shapes, because of the canes, and because I have a friend and fellow collector who has one in its full glory - engraved for Cunard as a QE2 special with Caithness markings.  On mine the canes are not level - they slope slightly so I deduced mine was a second (although no CIIG marking). I will check when I get home.

Ray - I know why you know. I thought I'd check my contact who told me that he had bumped into someone at Barton who had just bought one. It's a small world !!. Just to correct myself, the other Martin's weight is not QE2 - rather Canberra world tour.

yep i bumped into Martin on the way out of barton and  said he had one fully marked, it's a caithness with whitefriars cane's, it was a bad day for buying glass there was some good glass but over priced


Now I am home I have just checked mine and it is virtually identical to yours - same facetting and same pink/white canes. And a noticable slope to the canes


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