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Iittala & Nuutajarvi new buys

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Here are two new pieces (I bought for a few pounds) from well established companies -

Iittala - Alvar Aalto 'Savoy Vase' in smoke green 9.5cm - etching to base suggests 1990 to 2000 - re Designlasin

Nuutajarvi charger - very heavy, over 15" diameter - clear plastic/blue label. Fairly modern, cannot find in Designlasin or other publications, any idea of date and designer?


Adam P

The date key to your charger lies in the label. I think Nuutajarvi became part of Iittala in the 1980s. I had some Oiva Toikka Pioni shot glasses with the blue fish label and I managed to find somewhere (and couldn't find it again), possibly Iittala itself, some end of line Pioni that had the red Iittala label. I also think Toikka may be a starting point for the designer. There are similarities with Pioni and I'm fairly certain he had a sort of floral range. A very quick surf reveals nothing but this may get you started.

Put in the right combination and lo and behold Pioni

Thanks so much - I see my exact platter in the link you gave me (same size & design).


So it's Oiva Toikka for sure -

Iittala 'Pioni' at present

Designed for sure at Nuutajarvi as the link gives design date 1976 - was it called 'Pioni' under Nuutajarvi?

Iittala merged with Nuutajarvi in 1987 so I suppose they would continue popular ranges but change the label

Again thanks a great deal - any information on the range under Nuutajarvi name please post :)

Adam P

Yes it was Pioni under Nuutajarvi, my little shot glasses very obliging came in their original box.

Thanks for your help Christine

Adam P


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