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Another Czech Atomizer Perfume Bottle

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This one is a beautiful deep pink with a cobalt blue base.  It is cased glass with a clear outer layer.  I can't get the top off to look in the bottle.


Pink Mottled upper

The metal atomizer top is marked Czechoslovakia in small block letters.  The bottle is approximately 7 inches tall.

I think the age is 1920-30s??  Any idea of the maker?

this looks similar to glass Frank has been bumping recently.
I'm not sure if its the same, but a thread on Chrysoprase glass I think.

No nothing like Chrysoprase.

Could be BrĂ¼der Rachmann, Haida. (1874-90 in Germany, 1890-c1945 in Haida. Offices in Berlin and Vienna. Gold medals from various world fairs.

Ivo thinks they are a glass refinery (decorator/finisher) but the only online ref I could find was a that they had both a metal works and a glass-works in Haida. They produced a large number of Atomizers. But apart from a catalogue I have can find very little else. They probably made to contract as after 2 years looking I have found nothing that can be attributed to them, nor any atomizers that are exact matches to some 600 shown.

Also toilet sets, and other household glass often combing metal and glass.

Is there any type of mark on the metalwork at all?

I will have to take another look when I get home to see if there is any other mark on the metal top other than Czechoslovakia.

I am in Boston this week  :?

New information.

Harrachov glassworks introduced chrysoprase c 1827 a coloured glass that is a mixture of uranium glass with bone or alabaster glass.

Spelling of chrysoprase corrected here and in other threads.

Obviously much earlier than this threads subject! But it does show the term was used by Harrachov. If anyone has a piece of this glass can they check if it is Uranium glass?

(Source withheld as part of ongoing research)


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