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Large cloudy bubbly swirly vase - Nazeing? ID = S&W/Royal Brierley

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flying free:
I hope I'm listing this in the right section - I think this could be a Nazeing vase?  
It is bright pink with some orange especially a layer of orange visible above the clear casing on the base.    It has white swirls in it and on the interior you can feel the bubbles and texture.  The base has a deep neat clear casing (not like my Nazeing bowl which is Elwell).  The base is flat but not polished flat, rather than curving into the pontil mark as my bowl does.  The pontil mark is polished beautifully.  It's rather large at nearly 9 1/2" (23.5cm tall) and about 5 1/2" at widest (13.75cm).  I'm assuming not Graystan as the base has the clear casing and I wasn't sure Gray Stan glass is cased?  I have been through all pictures of both I can find, both on the net, here on the site and in my books and I can't match the shape  :-\ to either.  Weighs nearly 2kg or 4lb.  I thought it must be Nazeing given the white, the bubbles, the swirls and the base?
any thoughts please?  Nigel am I right this time  ;D
many thanks  :sun:

flying free:
image on black

nigel benson:

Simple answer - No!!

This doesn't match any known Nazeing shapes for the good reason that it is S&W/Royal Brierley.


flying free:
 :thud:  thank you Nigel for putting me out of my misery :).  I would never have found that out in a year of looking.  I'd been right through 20th Century British glass and nothing.  And on relooking now, I didn't find any cloudy glass pics for Royal Brierley.  Is it pre war please?  I was presuming it was due to the nature of the design but possibly wrongly :-\
Many thanks again.

flying free:
For Nigel -

I was searching for something and spotted this vase.  I think it's possibly the same range/decor as my vase above but a different shape and didn't know if you'd seen it?  It might not be but thought I'd link it just in case.



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