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Large cloudy bubbly swirly vase - Nazeing? ID = S&W/Royal Brierley

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flying free:
Very pretty Paul!
With regards the range 'Rainbow' I think Nigel was just pointing out that they are the same shapes as the Rainbow range, not that these are called Rainbow.
I think the pink ones are 'cloudy and probably  your green ones fall under that as well maybe? but they looks to be slightly different  in that it is bubbles but not cloud and doesn't have white in it.  It also looks slightly different in the way the colour is laid on but I'm probably wrong  ;D
Perhaps S&W did a 'cloudy' and a 'bubbly' range?
Also are they S&W or Royal Brierley? 

Paul S.:
you're quite correct, I should read more carefully........."the same shapes as the Rainbow Ware range by S&W".           Regret that I know almost nothing more about these pieces  -  they now fall outside of my interest area - they are left-overs from when I did collect this sort of material - sorry. :)

nigel benson:
Hello again,

Paul, I'm a tad surprised that you didn't show pictures of the bases, in particular the way the pontils have been finished.................

Amazing how rare it is to find labels on any of these S&W/RB pieces as a way of pinning down the correct term. As so often, I'm afraid the only true way to find out is to research within the original archive  ;) ??? However, I have to ask whether it matters too much since S&W was the owner of the RB name; indeed when you find a piece of marked Keith Murray glass both names are used!


flying free:
thanks Nigel :)
So is it correct to refer to them as Stevens and Williams, but not necessarily Royal Brierley unless they were produced after they changed the name?

nigel benson:

From memory, I seem to recall that S&W changed their trade name after a Royal visit in 1932 (?), so does that not complicate things as far as the discussion in hand goes? Or, you could say it makes it easier?????

Currently, there is not always a definitive answer I'm afraid.



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