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Large cloudy bubbly swirly vase - Nazeing? ID = S&W/Royal Brierley

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Paul S.:
QED then (perhaps) ;D

flying free:
Paul I don't think your base pics attached to your post?  Is it possible to post some please for reference?
many thanks

Paul S.:
don't know why these were overlooked.

The pink one is Nazeing, and the pontil depression is noticeably matt.               The green piece is S. & W. and shows a much more polished mark.

What you have to remember is that Nazeing did a lot of sub- contract work for other companies, ie Royal Brierely/ Stevens & Williams/ Dartington and Wegdwood Glass to name a few.
These companies would bring down their moulds and we would blow our glass into them.
So does this make the glass Nazeing or not? If it was sold by S&W or RB then it is theirs, as we have drawings / photos of most of our moulds of that period. Also coloured samples in our Museum.
The bubble technique looks like ours but the shaopes are definitely NOT ours as Nigel,says.
However my recent research proves that a lot of Victorian glass labeld S&W or RB was in fact Kempton glass, Nazeing's predecessor before the company moved out of Vauxhall.
I am doing an article for The Glass Circle about this as I have just bought 30 pieces of Kampton family owned glass and the recipe books. Many experts eg Cyril mMnley on Victorian Glass were mistaken and I have a letter from him shortly before he died, confessing he knew very little about "London made glass"!

flying free:
Stephen sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been trying to get my head around your post and which pieces it refers to, as well as looking at the glass in question more closely.
From what you say, I have understood that you were referring to the green vase (and possibly the plate) posted by Paul and also the green vase posted by Keith.  Are you therefore suggesting that these three green pieces are S&W/RB shapes but were blown at Nazeing using Nazeing bubble decor, but were S&W/RB shapes and therefore sold as S&W/RB by them?
thanks for taking the time to explain and add to the thread :)


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