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Large cloudy bubbly swirly vase - Nazeing? ID = S&W/Royal Brierley

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Good old Nige loves to let a lass down gently . ;D ;) :o ;)

flying free:
 :)  but I've learnt so much from his posts and help that I can now spot my own Stevens and Williams ... well, most of the time  ;D


When I posted this bowl a while ago I presumed Nazeing but was corrected by...have a guess?  ;D ;D ;D

nigel benson:

Notice that the three pieces shown/linked to here are the same shapes as the Rainbow Ware range by S&W.........................


Paul S.:
hope m doesn't object too much if I piggy-back on this thread. :)           Attached are pix of a green bowl (identified some while back by Nigel as SW/RB) - plus a vase of identical shape and dimensions to the original post here, and which matches the colourway/bubble construction of the bowl.        Would therefore seem to be a very good chance both green pieces are SW/RB.

There appear to be consistent differences in bubbles and halos, between this factory and Nazeing, although I think there is a need to look at a few examples in order to 'get the eye in'.         Of course it does help if it can be shown - as pointed out with the 'Rainbow' vase - that this was not a shape produced by Nazeing  - but not quite so simple eliminating bowls, where many factories offered similar shapes - and this is where knowing your bubbles/halos and recognizing colourways is essential.      Having looked at Geoff. Timberlake's book, I don't think this 'green' was a colourway offered by Nazeing, but that is my opinion only.

The bubbles and halos in these pix might be compared with the Nazeing material shown in current post in  'Glass' - although it seems there is perhaps some doubt that all shown there is Nazeing ....,50932.msg288557.html#msg288557 
It's unfortunate that Charles Hajdamach's C20 book is quiet on some of this material, but guess we can't have everything in one book. :)     

The logic of why the term 'Rainbow' escapes me  -  possibly the original range of colours offered was varied.
From the very few pieces of both factories that I've seen, I'm inclined to suggest that the ground/polished pontil depressions on SW/RB material might just be of a higher quality, larger and shinier than pieces from Nazeing - although as I say, I have only a very few items, so that is just a personal and speculative opinion. :)   
I've tweaked the pix a little with Picasa, mostly to accentuate the halos and bubble areas, so the green has been distorted slightly  -  apologies.


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