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Limited Edition Scottish Paperweights - the Future

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I bought two 'limited edition' Scottish paperweights for £30.00 each a few weeks ago and wanted to pose a question. Yes, they are beautiful, but are they a good investment for the future?

Caithness 'Lucky Clover' edition number 235/500 (3" diam)

Selkirk 'Ice Fountain' dated 1984 - edition number 392/500 (2.75" diam)

So they are not brand new ltd eds with 10 facets and shaped like rockets, etc. They are round with one or two faceted windows, quite traditional in a way.

I have the opportunity to buy a lot more, but I see these don't sell as well as Vasart, Strathearn, Perthshire (older weights), or brand new edition weights from USA based companies (I know not Scottish, so maybe Borders Fine Art).

So what do people think is the future of this type of Scottish paperweight?

Adam P  :P  :roll:  :P

I think that they do sell well and will certainly sell better in the future when our economy's recovered.

I sold a Caithness for an awful lot on Ebay this weekend, but it was a limited edition of only 50 - and it had no box or certificate. It's just that the lady wanted it so badly and had been looking for quite a while, so found mine on Ebay.

Anyway, if you like them buy them and don't worry if they're cheap or not.

Thanks Simone

I collect all weights, but some more than others - these don't totally float my boat, so while the statement buy because you like is always relevant and thank you for reminding me of that, there is a business side to my collecting - later on I may need to shift items to support further collecting, these paperweights come under that category.

Also, I could end up with many items I cannot sell :roll:

Well that has happened in the past, so love or business go with my heart

I bought this Wedgwood paperweight as well, with sticker and etching to side (anyone know date?)

It cost a few pounds but I would have paid well for it - it sums up my love of paperweights and glass in one go - awwwww straight from the heart :lol:

Adam P

Hi Adam,

You asked:
--- Quote ---So what do people think is the future of this type of Scottish paperweight?
--- End quote ---
But you began by asking:
--- Quote ---... are they a good investment for the future?
--- End quote ---

There's various separate issues to consider here - unless it's really only the future profit, on what may or may not be a "good buy" now, that people are interested in.

In terms of immediate profit, taking the example of the Caithness weight, we can note that in 2003 it was released at £75 and the book Caithness Paperweights - 2nd Edition gives a market value, as at 2004, of the same amount. So a £30 deal now seems like a very good piece of business - but only if it can actually sell at close to the original sales price. Otherwise, it's just business as usual with a regular mark-up to be set and tried for.

As for the Selkirk weight, I don't have much knowledge for those but I imagine £50-70 would be about the right level for a design of that type. So, again a £30 deal now would seem ok.

But the bigger question is: If you are able to buy "a lot more" - why are they available? Did somebody have a large stock that did not sell? Has somebody cleared a large collection and simply accepted whatever price they could get?

But getting back to your generalised question about "the future of this type of weight", I suppose the answer is simply, "It's uncertain". How long will such designs remain collectable? Or is it the fact of them being closed editions that makes them attractive to collectors?

I have to admit, that personally I don't have any feel at all for the business side of life (but that doesn't mean I am an easy target for cheap deals :roll: ). However, the reasons for people liking one thing or another, be it a design or a colour scheme, or a size or shape, etc. etc., are what I find fascinating.

I suppose that's a lot words not answering the original question(s), but I enjoyed typing them. :P

Thanks Kev

I enjoyed reading your thread - good stuff in there as always :P

I love the bit about why are so many available, these editions of 500 do seem abundant in all the Glasgow shops at very good prices at this moment in time - I can get a job lot from a source (Caithness/Selkirk/Borders).

Should I buy - I will have to go and meditate (I bought 50 J Deacons a year ago and only just made a profit - but remember the quality Kev .. on the relevant thread a few weeks ago).

I will meditate and take your wise words into account, I think this is better than the Deacons beacuse of the Ltd edition factor - mmmmm :roll:

My 'Wedgwood Heart Paperweight' beats for you (in a manly way of course .. ahem)

Adam P


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