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Monart ginger jar on Ebay

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:? The above is being sold with a part label which the seller says bears a 'no lid' inscription - is this wishful thinking? or is it likely to be genuine?

Has anyone out there got similar 'individual' items which may have been sold incomplete??



I have never heard of a 'No Lid' inscription and I consider it a little starnge. However, I have come across additional inscriptions such as "Lamp Standard" and "Special" so it is not completely unbelievable.

Maybe it was a replacement order for someone whose Ginger Jar had got damaged. Due to the way Monart was made and sold, the only way of getting a replacement would be to have it made to order.

Unfortunately the photographs are so poor that I could not recognise the handwriting  :? actually I could not even see the writing!

I suggest you chase the seller to get a decent picture of the label, perhaps even join in this thread. Even a photocopy of the bottom would be better! I will chase the seller myself but that will have to wait as I have had a long tough day.


Thanks for the helpful comments.

The seller has been in touch - but has been unable to photograph what is apparently an indistinct/worn inscprition.

He is going to follow your helpful suggestion and photocopy the base. I let you know what happens.

The text is apparently in upper case (i presume this means capitals) and seems to have been written in black fountain pen....

It has been written diagonally under the M of Monart Glass and follows the sweep of the M - I don't know if this might be typical???  

Thanks again.

This is a fantastic site by the way - I didn't know it existed until I tried doing some research on the internet!!!

I will be a regular viewer and will try to contribute to discussion threads - although I have limited collecting experience...

Ian Hampton


Sorry to take so long to reply.

I actually bought it - at £80ish it seemed good value.

The script on the base is exactly  the same hand as the illustration in the Ysart book - so I'm delighted with what turned out to a speculative purchase.    And although a novice to this I am convinced that the 'amended' part label is genuine.

I think it worked to my advantage that no decent photo of the label could be taken!!!

I saw an interesting item at a Harrogate fair a couple of weeks ago - an unlabelled but obvious Monart vase in a really deep violet/purple on white?? it was really quite a strange but mesmerising colour contrast...

I just wish i'd bought this (at only £220 which was probably negotiable...)

Kind regards,

Ian H

an inner white white trailing violet and even bubble decorations - it was amazing!

I now have a copy of the 'recent' large monart sale and there is similar example illustrated in green/purple/white (i think thats the combination!!)

the fair will return this next month - i may try out my negotating skills!!!


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