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Not Brockwitz - it's actually by Jeanette

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I see this bowl quite often on eBay, listed (incorrectly) as Brockwitz or Piccardo (Argentina).

It is actually quite a newish piece - Depression era glass by Jeanette - pattern is "Aztec Rose". It is also seen in crystal and some strange blue or green duo combinations. Here's a couple on eBay at the moment

I got my marigold one from an antique mall next to Woolworths opposite the Alamo (yes the real Alamo) many "moons" ago  :D


Ebay links now dead, see Glen's article for examples of the patterns in question:

Cathy B:
Isn't it pretty! Does it resemble any Brockwitz in particular?

Cathy - thanks for asking (and I should actually have explained further - I wrote the earlier post in too much of a rush!)

Yes - the Jeannette Aztec Rose pattern is quite similar to Brockwitz "Ariadne" (aka "Rose Band") and Piccardo's "Rosas" (aka "Band of Roses"). In each case, the pattern comprises a horizontal band of cameo roses,and vertical panels. Marigold tumblers are known in both patterns, while smaller juice or shot glasses are known in the Brockwitz design. A few other shapes are also known, but not the scalloped edge handled bonbon! That is strictly Jeannette  :shock:


Glen -

It also comes is that funky amber and ruby flashed finish that Jeannette made.  A cheap amberina.  You usually find them with the finish cracking and flaking off.

Hi Connie - yes, I've noticed those too - many thanks for reminding me and adding to the info here. In fact I think it's fair to say that piece is seen quite a lot in one colorway or another. But from time to time, someone thinks they have a rare Brockwitz piece, and........... well you can guess the rest!

Thanks again.


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