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New discovery: Monart uranium glass

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A couple of recent purchases, it was not the common shape of ZA that attracted my interest, but the unusual colour schemes in each of the bowls.The colour code 238 bowl is more lime green than shown, the bubble inclusion covers the bowl completely with none of them burst. The colour code 239 bowl has a white top and the same lime green as 238, if you hold it up to light the bottom half appears to be clear glass with the lime green can only be seen around the top. When viewed from any other angle the lime green is seen throughout the bowl.

nigel benson:
Hi Gary,

I have a miniature bowl, shape MC, in this colour way, which doesn't look quite right for Monart, but you have just proved a long held belief. Thank you  8) 8)


Hi Nigel I am glad this was some assistance to you, being able to positively identify your bowl as a Monart piece. This is one of the good things about the GMB, the sharing of information.

One of these I will get going on listing the colours that have shown up since the last update a long time ago. One thing about Monart is that it never fails to deliver new surprises. I guess title could read "Unusual as usual"

This is my latest Monart purchase, a dressing table tray (shape RI). What I would like to find out, is this type of glass named Uranium. I will try and discribe the look of the tray. When held up in the daylight the glass appears to be clear, when put against a dark background the glass is green. My knowledge of uranium glass is next to nothing.


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