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New discovery: Monart uranium glass

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Wow!  :o It certainly looks like it, though named is probably the wrong word.  If it glows a really, really bright green under a UV light, then it is.
This site gives a good summary of uranium glass (aka vaseline glass)

It does indeed look like it's uranium - and it's just glorious!

Paul S.:
that edge colour is a dead ringer for u.          Try it in the sunlight tomorrow morning (if we get any), although you'd probably get more sunshine in the other Perth. ;)

The sun is shining brightly in the Fair City of Perth this afternoon and I took the tray outside to the back garden and the tray looks much greener in the sun light.
Thanks Christine for the link on uranium/vasiline glass, most informative, I agree Sue it is a glorious piece.
The link below is a previous thread, pre my new but limited knowledge on uranium/vasiline glass.

Looks like that might be uranium too.  :o You need a little UV light to check and I need a piece of uranium Monart...


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