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What is the reason for tiny Limited Editions?

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:lol:  Allan!  I can't say I blame you, comparing the Chinese to the Caithness lampworks is like comparing chalk and rather-mousetrappy-mild-cheddar-from-Tesco

Thanks for that nice comment about our lampwork ,although I wasn't being critical of the chinese weights or the people that collect them(don't want to start another war of words about them on the board :lol: ).I firmly believe people should collect whatever type of weight they like whether it is cheap or expensive,Chinese or Scottish it doesn't matter as long as they love the weight.There has been various things said recently about this subject on the message board and all I will add to what I said above is that ,even the fact that cheap imports are killing our home grown glass industry doesn't take away peoples right to collect what they like.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, so they say.All we can do is to make our weights as good as possible and hope for a few beholders to think they are beautiful :lol:

No, and I wasn't really being critical of the Chinese weights in terms of their own qualities.  And I certainly don't want to start a new Anglo-Chinese war...:oops:

Moreover, since you work here rather than in China it is not really surprising that you have less expertise in their manufacture than in ours!

Few modern Chi weights are what anyone would describe as 'quality' weights. Moreover, they glut the market with considerable voracity.
Furthermore, most who sell them call them 'Murano' weights, this practice starting about 4 years ago with an apparent goal of raising the price realized when selling them.
Nowadays, all that has done is bring the price realized on Murano weights down into the gutter along with the modern Chi weights.
That being said, their are a few examples (very few) of modern Chi work that definitely hit a home run.


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