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robert vickers:
Hi,  I have been researching my family tree and have found that one of my ancestors Thomas Seago who was a glass cutter and along with Benjamin Johnson I understand that they had approximately 10 registered designs.  I also believe that there may have been some involvement in the Islington Glass Company of Birmingham.  The designs were registered between 1874 and 1877.  Some were registered in the name of Seago and Co.  I am very interested to find out what these designs were and wonder if anyone can help me.

Thanks for your time

Rob Vickers

David E:
Hi Robert, and welcome to this board.

I think Bernard might be able to help here. Although I'm based in Brum and have heard of Islington Glass Company, I can't really take it much further although I think they got absorbed into one of the larger companies? The following was gleaned from

--- Quote ---Islington Glass Works
Birmingham, England (19th Century)
Listed 1803 as operated by Owen Johnson. 1849 became Rice, Harris & Son. 1860 became the Islington Glass Co. Some paperweights include canes lettered "IGW"
--- End quote ---

At a guess they were probably based in Islington Row, which is a road still in use.

Good hunting :) [/quote]

Hi Rob,

Seago, Johnson are listed on the Great Glass site here: - you may already have found this, but if not it's a good starting point.

There is a list of registered design nos for glass on the Great Glass site here: - if you can find the numbers listed for your folks then the next step would be to search the National Archives for details of the designs:

Good luck! :)

By the way, is there a connection between your Thomas Seago and Edward Seago, the artist?

robert vickers:
Hi Anne and Dencill

Thanks for your replies and links which I will look into.  As far as I know there is no connection with the artist Seago.

Excuse my ignorance as I am new to the world of glass but perhaps you could advice me what is a glass cane?  :oops:  


David E:
Robert, a cane is a very thin rod of glass that's commonly cut into thin slices as an included decoration, particularly paperweights. Grouping several together forms what can look like a single 'flower' and multiples of these is often referred to as millefiori (Italian: thousand flowers)


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