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Inspired by Vizner maze peraps?

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208mm (8 ins) high, not a copy of the Vizner 20082 Maze but in a similar vein.  :ho:

Hi Frank,
as I see these vases quite often here (= Vienna, Austria) maybe they are Austrian?
They also come in a dark grey colour...

edit: here is one on an Austrian second hand market site:

I always thought they were inspired by the Brabec maze vases, though :usd:


Guess I should have said Brabec/Vizner mazes  ;D

I would not be surprised if they are even Czech or German either.

I would guess rather not Czech -- the smokey grey colour this vase comes in too, does not look like a Sklo Union colour...

But I can help with another of your unidentified items: these tumblers I see quite frequently here, so I had a look yesterday when I saw them with a matching decanter; no label, but the base of the decanter had a moulded "ITALY".


Ah, that is a good lead. They are such a striking design that had they been Czech then they should have appeared in a CGR. Thank you.


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