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Inspired by Vizner maze peraps?

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I made a small investment today (just for having a confirmed ID here on the board), and bought the first labeled one of these unidentified vases -- after having seen appr. 30 to 40 of them without label during the last years: it is Walther Glas, Germany :)

I still wonder why they are that abundant here in Austria, and not so in Germany...
Most come in this grey colour, but I have seen them in amethyst and yellow, too.


Well found :) thank you, only about 40 more to identify now (On SU site)

Well done, Michael - THANK YOU!
Wish to point out that this (unknown-to-me-) label states 'Western Germany' - not Saxonia   
Probably Walther Siebenstern, Bad Driburg  :)

What has happened with Walther-Glas in Austria? Could the frequency of these pieces showing in Austria relate to that?

2007  Acquisition of Walther-Glas Austria GmbH, formerly Inn Crystal. Location: Braunau am Inn. Insolvent 2012.

Inn Crystal became insolvent in 2006 and taken over by Walther. Insolvency issues at Walther Germany raised in March 2012 and appear to have just finished.


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