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Kaitlin Rushbrooke? Does anyone know anything about her

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I am looking at buying some paperweights signed by Kaitlin Rushbrooke, very modern squarish ones, with a hole through the middle.  Very attractive.  Has anyone heard of her?

You probably mean Karlin Rushbrooke, he is well establish lots to Google

Fantastic!  thanks so much, the catalogue said Hatlin, didn't sound right, and it's a script signature so I read it as Kaitlin.  Now I know the correct name, I have a MUCH better chance of finding out about him.

thanks again,

i've had a lot of Karlin Rushbrooke work and they are very nice and well done

Ray, I can't find any guideline prices anywhere on the net - what would you roughly expect to pay for a Rushbrooke weight?


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