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My first Exbor fish...

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I was lucky last weekend and found my first Exbor fish :chky:
(Once again unmarked)

Life has not been very kind to this guy, as he is missing major parts of his back fins I guess -- but they have been quite nicely repaired (and I like the idea that some former owner cared so much for this piece of glass). I am still extremely happy and think he is a beauty nevertheless! :)

Here are the promised pics...


Anik R:
Oh Michael, he's absolutely, positively beautiful!  I love the colours, and everything about it... Such a lucky man!  And I do hope you will find a second, and a third, and then post them as they come along.

FANTASTIC!!!  :rah: :rah: :rah:

Edited to add:  Even my husband who despises 99% of the glass I show him says that your fish is a true beauty. ;D

and it looks like he's missing his back fins too, but he's still a very nice fish indeed!   :hiclp:

Thanks a lot for the nice comments!

I really do not mind much that the back fins are missing -- the rest of him is still beautiful...
I guess he was some sort of swordtail once, now he looks more like a carp :)

Funny thing is that I am not able to find Exbor pieces with the proper acid stamp; this is my 5th piece so far, 3 are unmarked, 1 has a Borocrystal mark, and 1 is marked "II" (so a second I guess).


Anik R:
Does the 'II' on Exbor pieces really imply a second?

Back in April, there was a P. Hlava blue, yellow and clear cased vase (much like on page 115 of Hi Sklo) on offer on Allegro (as Murano) with a starting price of 150PLN.  It had a II at the bottom which confused me.  From what I could see, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the vase.  The piece went unsold.

Oh and Michael, even with the damage (which, honestly, I don't necessarily see), your fish is fabulous.
And I am jealous. ;D


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