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Hi, I recieved this email this morning.......
"Hi All,
Jill's duck website has now been totally overhauled and upgraded.
There's lots more ducks on lots more pages and highlights include:

Baccarat - an inspiration for Baxter
Ugly ducks, very ugly ducks
Workbook entries for the 1st duck (possibly)
Early ducks and transitional ducks
The Glimmer Twins - Mick and Keith
A rare picture of a duck having it's beak ground down (heaven forbid!)

All the old favourites and pictures are still there too, so breathe a collective sigh of relief!

The site has moved slightly, so please check out the new address here:  

Brilliant SITE.......Regards Patrick.

Cathy B:
Patrick - thanks for the site reference!

Since you're here, do you know what the dates were for the different sized swans? I've just bought an absolutely enormous one in what looks like the saphire blue, not the arctic blue.

Kind regards,

Hi Cathy,  The last catalogue with a 10" swan in it was 1969.  I am not 100% sure about the 1972 but only 8" and 6" were available in 1974...  I have seen some of Frank Hill,s workbooks and the large 10" swans seem to be only 10 - 15 % of his production.  Hope this heips . Patrick


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