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Trying to ID paperweight. ID = Paul Ysart Star Pattern

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I have a paperweight and looking through some web sites and here last night, I am wondering who the maker may be.

The paperweight is similar to one by Paul Ysart, but whether it is or by someone else I do not know

The pontil is rough

Many thanks for any help in advance.

Hi, welcome to the Board.

Yes. Paul Ysart. Looks to be typical 1930s work. Nice weight. Star patterns are less common than many of the other millefiori patterns.

What size is it?

If you ever feel like donating it to a "deserving collection", my other Paul Ysart items would be pleased to meet it. 8)

In my opinion it looks like Paul Ysart and it is Paul Ysart.
But lets wait, what the masters are saying.

Thank you both for your replies.

Kevin the measurements are 2 5/8" approx diameter x 2" tall approx

Glad to know it seems to be a Paul Ysart and my suspicions last night were correct.

Best regards

I have two Star pattern weights by Paul Ysart which are signed with a "py" cane. They are shown in my web pages at ... One example 2 3/8 inch diameter and the other example 2 3/4 inch diameter

And two others, unsigned, and approx 3 inch diameter, are shown in my general catalogue "Star & Roundel" section.


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