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Trying to ID paperweight. ID = Paul Ysart Star Pattern

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Ah! Ok. It's not a signature. It would have to be a reasonably clearly seen separate cane - even when used as part of a complex cane setup.

The reason one of my star weights has a hard-to-see "py" cane is that it is one of the 2mm standard, separate canes that has been squashed amongst the other canes that surround it, but under a magnifyer it is easy enough to see what it is (although the dealer I bought it from did not spot it!).

Thank you Kevin for the confirmation it is my imagination running wild LOL!

Anyway, it is nice to know it is a Paul Ysart weight and a nice weight also.

Currently looks very nice sitting next to a Perthshire paperweight.

Many thanks Kevin for your time and information today.

Have a nice evening


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