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Just got this £2 still learning though need help I.D please Thank you

Hi RObert

From the colouring I suspect this is a Mdina PW.

Michael Harris together with his business partner Eric Dobson set up the
Mdina factory in a disused aircraft hanger on Malta in 1968. All the craftsmen
other than Michael were local Maltese who Michael trained.

Dom Mintoff was elected PM in 1971 and his policies forced Michael Harris to
leave Malta or face expulsion.

Michael left Malta in the summer on 1972 having sold has share the business
to Eric Dobson He returned to the UK  and set up Isle of Wight glass in the same year.

Both Mdina glass and Isle of Wight Glass are still running today Mdina is now run by
Joseph Said one of the original apprentices that Micahel trained.

Hope this helps



Hi Robert

Is there any embossed design in the very middle of the base?

(Derek - I agree the colours are consistent with Mdina, but nearly every one I have seen has had a flat polished base, script signed Mdina. Any thoughts on that point?)


Good point Alan

Robert - If there is a stylised flame in the embossed base then it could either be Isle of Wight or possibly Kerry Glass which Michael Harris set up as a turnkey operation.

Best regards


The round hole in the base would probably preclude Mdina, it doesn't look very Isle of Wighty, flame pontil mark period to me, though it is a possibility. There was a lot of experimentation going on around that time.
It could also be Phoenician - but again, I'm not sure about the base mark.


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