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Unidentified Paperweight - possibly Baccarat? ID = Murano mid 20th century

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Hi everyone, I thought I would introduce myself to the forum. I am a glass-enthusiast and aspiring antique dealer and hope to be an active member within what seems a great forum and resource. I bought a number of paperweights in a bargain job-lot a local auction. Although one is Caithness and boxed I am really unsure about the others in terms of maker and value.

I am particularly interested to know whether the Millefiori is Baccarat or not(it has a close-pack of rods in the shape of the letter 'B').

There is also an intriguing paperweight that looks to be initialled 'M R'.
[Mod: See new thread for this item - with revised images]

Thanks in advance,

Jack  :sun:

Welcome to the Board, Jack.

Some basics first:

1. Please keep all images to a maximum pixel size of no more than 1,000 (700 or 800 pixels is usually more than adequate). This avoids most folk having to use a horizontal scroll bar to see the full image. If you have trouble resizing, just ask for assistance and people here will offer help.

2. Please start a new post for each different item, otherwise it gets confusing when several responses relating to the different items are given. [Mod: Separate post now set up - thanks]

Info on this millefiori weight:
This is a standard Murano item. What looks like a "B" in the centre of one of the canes is most likely a distorted section, such as circles or squares that have become squashed. The Baccarat "B" is entirely different.

To expand ever so slightly on Kevin's advice.  For pwts three or four photos are desirable - (1)  straight on from the top, (2)  a side shot to give an idea of the proportions of height to diameter, (3)  A clear shot of the base, and (4)  a clear shot of the signature or marking if possible.

For other glass (1)  a general shot as you would look at it, (2)  a side one shot for proportions, (3)  a clear shot of the base, (4) a clear shot of the rim at the top, and of course (5) a clear shot of the signature or marking if possible.

Shots should be taken against a plain background - usually white is best.  In the case of signatures try to arrange the photo so the patterns in the glass are not present, and the markings are easy to read.  Hope this helps.


Welcome to the board. It can also be helpful to have your location (country at least) in your profile because, although glass travels widely, some things are more likely to be found in some places than others.

Dimensions are useful too.

Value is entirely subjective and you are unlikely to get too much help on that, though people might comment on desirability or scarcity. The "rare" word is rarely used.

Some good words of advice,



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