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Jelly fish weights

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Here's a group pic of 11 jellys:

10 of the 11 are still in my collection and I have others as well.
This is a test post to see if I have mastered the art of posting the pic here.

Yes, you've mastered it nicely, congrats! The one drawback with using Tinypic is that the image disappears after a totally random time - sometimes only a few hours even!  We have a GlassGallery associated with the board where images remain regardless of time, so that the message they are associated with still makes sense months later. Registration in the GlassGallery is simple and there are easy help files if you need them there as well. See sig for URL.

That's a nice collection of jelly fish you display also. :)

Thanks Anne!  :D

I was able to ulpoad some pics onto 'Glass Queries' but am unfortunately unale to figure out how to arrange them in 'My albums'
Until I can, I'm afraid any uploads I do will eventually be too difficult to find & retrieve.

Lets see if pasting this will allow others to see a side view of a jelly made by Aleisha D.

It's script signed & 4'' tall by 3'' diameter.

Hi Mark,

I am sure Anne will explain about ordering pics in the Yobunny albums. But the standard view when using your link includes the gallery images below the photo you link to. So we can just click one of the others to view.

Another feature of Anne's system is that clicking the main photo displays it in true full size in a new window. So we can then view several images togther, all full sized. But clicking in any of those windows closes it - which may be a bit of surprise until we get used to it.

Hi Mark,

If you post a query into the Queries album then it stays there. That's a public album that anyone can upload into.

You may also have your own album/s in the User Galleries section. To do this you need to create an album and then upload pics. I've written a step-by-step how to create an album, and how to add photos, see the Help and How To section here: but if you get stuck and need a hand with anything just give me a shout either on the board or via e-mail (see below).  :)


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