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One other thing while I'm still awake ... and maybe a techy point for Anne to consider ...

When I click Mark's side view of the jellyfish no full size window is given. Is this perhaps because it exceeds a system pixel size? Side of blue jellyfish ... 1048 x 1213 pixels.

The photo of the top of the blue jellyfish ... 1106 x 1119 pixles, does produce a separate full sized window.

My screen is 17", with 1280 x 1024 resolution, so perhaps it's a case of the height of the Side View photo being too much for my screen. We know that some folk will have problems anyway trying to view any large dimension image, but usually my display will work ok.

Puzzled of England.

Hi Kev,

No it's not because the image exceeds a set size, it's because it's smaller than a set size. :) All the images Mark added will open in a new window if clicked, except this one which is 228 x  291 px. The size at which the supersize window opens is for any image over 400 px in either aspect.

Thanks Anne,

There seems to be something strange happening (for me, anyway) and maybe it's something to do with the operation of javascript (on my pc?).

I agree that the images less than 400 pixel do not offer a full-size window. But for larger ones, I am occasionally getting no response when clicking the image - sometimes it opens the new window (with scroll bars as required) and sometimes it doesn't.

Ho hum!

Hmmm interesting. That usually happens on a page if it's not totally loaded properly. Next time it happens try refreshing the page (F5) and click again and see if that solves the problem.

Yes! On my most recent check, the problem obligingly occurred on two images and in both cases the refresh produced the desired result.


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