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Chbriska Vase?


This feels Czech and I think could be Chbriska

Anyone able to confirm either way?

Anik R:
Hi Adam,
Absolutely Chribska... if you take a look at Jindrich's website  and go to "Sklarny (Glassworks)", click on "Chribska", I'm sure you'll find it in one of the catalogues.

Gorgeous piece of glass. It can sell between 30 to 60 pounds!

Chribska (not Chbriska!) - perhaps designed by Josef Hospodka?

Ref Hi Sklo lo Sklo by Mark Hill

Andrew Perrott. 

This Chribska vase was imported by Henry Marchant Ltd in the middle sixties. It was part of an extensive collection of
bowls and vases that were sold throughout the UK in a variety of colours.


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