Author Topic: Excellent Holmegaard / Danish Glass resource is going to get even better  (Read 957 times)

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Hello all

Just thought I'd share the following exciting information with you all regarding a website ( that most of you are probably already aware of (but I just discovered yesterday thanks to Ross on a Holmegaard ID request).

I got in touch with Peter who has developed the site (and is a lovely, helpful, friendly man) and he told me the following news:

"have just been allowed to bring all photoes from the large "Holmegaard studio, prototype and unika collection" that hold a collection of more than 25.000 items collected by Holmegaard and contains glass items from most of the glass factories that have been in Denmark, Conradsminde Glasswork, Nørholm Glasswork, Aalborg Glasswork, Aarhus Glasswork, Fyens Glasswork, Kastrup Glasswork and Holmegaard Glasswork.

I am afraid that the site over the next couple of year will grow from the 7.500 photoes, at the moment, to about 35.000 and will probably be the site that documentates Danish Glass since the beginning in 1825 up to today.

So it will be worth keeping an eye on this site - it's already a fabulous resource but it looks set to become even better  :hiclp:



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 :angel:     Ooooooo hooray!           :kissy:


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