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Hi, I'm new here. I've been trawling the net for hours trying to get information, I wonder if anyone can help me?
I've got a small glass box with a nude female lying down on the top. I've got as far as finding out that it is the same design as a Desna, small meditation box, based on a pattern by Heinrich Hoffman. The thing is, the Desna is supposed to be signed on the bottom, and mine doesn't have that. It has a small butterfly etched into the underside of the top, and it looks exactly like this

so is it a copy? I know that the Hoffman signature was a butterfly, but I don't know where it was placed, or if Desna use the signature butterfly as well as the Hoffman mould.

Cathy B:
This is one for Pamela I think, but you might also try asking Siegmar Geisselberger from

Welcome to the GMB. Sounds to me much more like yours is an original Hoffman than a modern copy. What colour is the glass? Is it very clear and bright like modern glass or does it have a very slight discoloration? Is there any age-related damage, tiny chips, scratches on the bottom? A picture of the original would help. See the glass forum menu for help in posting pics

Cathy B:

This link has information on telling the difference. I'm not sure that all Desna is marked, and I think I read somewhere that the Desna was of much worse quality than the original. All this is retrieved from a very shaky memory - I don't know and wouldn't feel qualified to comment myself, but with luck this page should help.

Anyway, Acrobat reader has crash on my machine so I can't even check for you!


Hi Clare, welcome to the GMB!

This is my small collection of five, I believe genuine, Hoffmann Gablonz pin dishes. The butterfly mark is visible in the bottom right at about 4o'clock

I'll check my copies of catalogues to find your beautiful box. The style is absolutely Hoffmann.


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