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Walsh Walsh penholder

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it measures 7" high and is a glass pen holder, the middle section does glow under UV light and so does one dog , the rider , horse and the other dog don't glow, the animals and the rider just look like Bimini, the base of the stem is panel cut and the base is star cut, the glass pen has a very tight  and fine latticino twist of pink and white , i have an other one nearly the same but with bird's

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The work in the pen looks very similar to some of the Bimini snakes, also the dress of the rider doesn't look Italian to me.

hi Paul

they really look like Bimini, but the bird one's look completely different more Italian

It's only Bimini if it is in the Neuwirth book and somehow I do not think it is. Alternative is Lauscha or Czech, but much more likely it is Nevers. The glass pen is an object frequently found in France, the style of dress, the hounds and the elaborate nature of the holder -to me - all suggest France.  Probably end of the 18th century, and very pricey because complete.
Although you're right about the birds having a Murano look...

My question is why is he riding side saddle? Is that a clue?


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