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Bohemian Vase in Box

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Boxed Bohemia Glass vase - pink or cranberry in colour with ribs - Bohemia Glass label - I feel this is from 80s 90s - anyone confirm?

Gold vase I have with exact same label

Just looking at Marks Hills Hi Sklo Lo Sklo book, page 140.

The label is a generic Glass Export logo and used on all table and decorative wares from the 1950s-70s-  (yellow label)

Later label versions are silver or blue in colour, which yours would fall into. So your guess of around the 80s is probally about right.



Hi Greg

Just reading Mark's book myself I see what you mean - however when I compare the label to other peices I have with the yellow label from 70s I see that 'made in Czechoslovakia' is missed off the modern label. I wonder if this is just a modern update or something more sinister.

The vase I posted comes with a leaflet printed by Henry Marchant who 'Has been representing Bohemia Glass for more than half a century' and this is from a range of designs 'Henry Marchant has helped to develop'


Hi Adam,

I noticed the omission of 'made in Czechoslovakia' on the other labels. I'm not 100% sure, however, my feeling is that this wording was just not used in later additions of these generic export labels. Also worth mentioning that the wording on the earlier labels would have been redundant in 1993, due to the creation of the Czech Republic.

Sure someone will confirm for sure.



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