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Bohemian Vase in Box

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Current label - Seems to be various company names...

Bohemia Crystal UK Ltd
Hammond Road
Elms Industrial Estate
MK41 0UD
Tel:    01234 347 069
Fax:    01234 271 553
Website:  DEAD site seems to have been activated but not used with Czech hosting 2000-2001 live in 2008 only
In 1999 Bohemia Crystal UK Ltd started trading as the successor to the former Czech owned company Bohemia Crystal (Henry Marchant) Ltd.

   You can write to us at the following address:

Crystal and Glass Distributors Limited
Hammond Road
Elms Industrial Estate
MK 41 0UD
Has on-line catalogue

PPlease do not overestimate labels. This is standard Glassexport label, used in Czechoslovakia and also by Bohemia Crystal / Crystalex in Czech republic. In general chaos during communismus the available labels were used and does not always fit to specific factory. When correct labels were not available than the other were applied.

For nowadays labels (Czech republiv) see: (trade mark database on line)


Label is as used on the cover of the current catalogue in above link. I would guess you piece is 1990s earliest to 2000s but design could be earlier of course.

More on Henry Marchant mentioned in Adam's leaflet: - this might fill in a gap or two regarding the marketing of some Czechoslovakian glass in the UK.

And a little bit more here:

See also,10674.msg283105.html#msg283105


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