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Opalescent Pieces ID needed IDs=a. Geo.Davidson 242 | b. Stourbridge

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Opalescent Pieces ID needed

a) 3.75” high in a lovely blue with six petal form foot, pinched with three handles – the top half fades into a milky opalescence.

b) 4” high and Vaseline glass I think, with petal form foot and a lovely looped stem, the bowl is 5” diameter and has milky blue opalescence.

Hope I can get an ID (maker/date) – I paid £50.00 each for a & b – I wanted to buy a couple of nice pieces as I have never dabbled in this type of glass before.

I have some ideas of course, and seen similar thing on GMB but still need assurance



Adam, your blue piece is a George Davidson 242 basket in Blue Pearline. It's lovely! I have the same basket in clear glass and it looks very dowdy in comparison!  Chris Stewart's book on Davidson has pics and info about these.


Thanks for ID Anne

It is actually a pair - sold as a pair - so have I got two separate pieces here :)

Yes, you have two GD 242 baskets then. Even better! :) As far as I know they were sold individually - Chris would be able to tell you if I'm wrong.

Thanks Anne

Found my loop stemmed dish Item

The site does not give a name or date aghhhhhh

Adam P


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