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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 2...

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Hi, its great to view so many wonderful collections / display,s and of course the discussions / banter resulting from it , so i decided to show some of my items i have collected over time.
And yes as per others from GMB i am rapidly running out of space.
Many thanks to all

1st picture Some Whitefriars
2nd picture Italian / Murano
3rd picture Czech / Scandi / fenton

flying free:
oooh lovely!  what is the vase in pic two with the butterfly in it please?  It's really pretty.

What a great collection that a pussy cat I see in the third picture?  If so, do you know who the maker is??  I collect animals and don't think I have ever seen this one before. :)

Thank you, its a piece of Weinman 8/500 i brought back from New York last year its looks great when its behind a spot light.

The pussy cat has been eaten by a green mouse.LOL. I think it could be from Pilkintons but not sure as i have not posted it as yet. It has a flat polished base and is rather sweet. When its ready for a new home i will point its nose in your direction if thats alright


Oooh, a mouse!!  I have just started a collection of mouseseses......are you going to post a picture of it close up....pleeeeeze?? ;D


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