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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 2...

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Paul S.:
since most of my pieces are either in the loft, sheds or hidden somewhere in cabinets - I have to get them out for the David Bailey bit  -  and then the background lets me down  -  nowhere near as interesting as other people's.      Time was I had buckets full of water jugs, but they take up a lot of space, so slowly but surely they have been given the elbow, leaving just the few that you see.    I know most of the makes (or thought I did).......couple of W/Fs. (plus the W/Fs. for Asprey??) Jacobean, Borske, Pearline, Libochovice, and possibly even Moser/Kralik  -   and have probably now forgotten some.   Apart from the Pearline, they were all from boot sales, so not great outlay, and if you wanted a colourful display they make a great show.   Date wise, I think the deep green one is possibly late C19 with the W/Fs. ruby ice jug the most recent.    If I'm wrong there, please tell me.         And yes, there is one design twice  -  it's the only time I've bought the same pattern twice, and it was today!!!!  :pb:

Paul S.:
I meant to say...................No. 1 on row three  -  the clear piece with the swags.............anyone recognize the design please????

A relative maybe?

 :cry: :cry: Why does it seem that I never think of doing the obvious....those jugs look stunning in groups Paul. Thanks for sharing. :hi: cheers steph.

flying free:
Paul they are lovely and the colours and shapes look great grouped together.  I love the crackle one obviously  :mrgreen:


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