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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 2...

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flying free:
David they look truly handsome!  love the middle piece.
Anik,  by contrast I long to have a sophisticated and subtle clear/pale glass display, yet I cannot seem to have any that don't have a riot of colour, the more the better.  I have to have an amber or yellow, red or deep pink, amethyst, blue and green in all my collections  ;D otherwise to my eye, something is lacking and it looks wrong.  I have a display of glass and ceramics on one table at the moment, that is all amber/ochre and clear or white and it just doesn't 'do' it for me so will shortly be changed.  It's one of the reasons I think I love Welz glass so much, because of the combinations of colour in each piece. Mind you it's the same with my house.  I 'think' in my head I want an all white serene space and then as soon as I get it I need to add brightly coloured silk cushions.

Anik R:
You see m, that's the beauty of this thread -- the diversity of the displays (and glass) is wonderful! 

David, thank you for the extra information about your middle piece.   I'll look it up when I get back home in a few days.  But why haven't you added it to Michael's "My Skrdlovice...." thread with some extra pictures?  Cough, cough, nudge, wink...



--- Quote from: dirk. on August 09, 2011, 11:59:28 AM ---@Astrid, I think #5 is Harzkristall Derenburg if my memory serves me right....  :)

--- End quote ---

I had found a link to something similar before, which was attributed to Marita Voigt. Great that you can confirm the factory, Dirk. Thanks!


Sold these glasses some time ago...
Does your vase have both - shiny and matt lenses?


--- Quote from: dirk. on August 12, 2011, 06:18:36 PM ---Does your vase have both - shiny and matt lenses?

--- End quote ---

Yes, it has. Similar enough, yes?



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