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(Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 3

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Anik R:
Rosie, I LOVE your beaver!!!  Errrr... I mean your glass beaver. ;D ;)

Who made it, please? 

Hi Anik :hi:

He is lovely, isn't he.....made by Langham Glass House....quite unusual....I have only ever seen 2 of them.

You made me laugh, because I was going to say 'You will be pleased to know that I have put my beaver on view in a safer place.' But decided not to because I thought it had ambiguous overtones! (& I was worried the Paul & jp would comment!! :o)

Anik R:
Ambiguous overtones?  Nah...

If I had such a beautiful beaver, I'd also put it in full view for all to admire.  Gorgeous piece!

St. John's Crystal in the Isle of Man has been 'in the news' a lot on the GMB, so I thought you would like to see some!!

Here are some 'ellies' from the St. John's Crystal Isle of Man Glass Studio for you all to enjoy.........

Here's my first ever theme post.  I call it "Junk Shop Joy".  Everything has been picked up in a junk or charity shop since I started collecting glass two months ago. Sadly the shelf doesn't have room for all my glass finds (or my other love, ceramics). I need more shelving.

From left to right

Riihimaki smokey blue clear cased vase. 50p

Amber clear cased vase, not yet attempted id £1.50

Swedish amber brown bud vase with JC importers mark, poss/prob by Gullaskruf £1.50

Liskeard clear knobbly vase £5

Langham blue green air paperweight £3.50

Blue green optic rib vase, unidentified £5

Clear controlled bubble paperweight, unidentified £2.50

Sea Glasbruk hooped blue clear cased glass vase £2

Red amber cased vase, poss murano £6

Green clear cased bud/teardrop vase, not yet attempted id £5

Green clear cased vase, not yet attempted id £5


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