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(Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 3

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Anik R:
Hi Ross,

I don't quite know which rippled pieces you're referring to, but of all the clear vases in that particular display unit, all are 'dished' to varying depths with the exception of the tall, slim Pavel Panek vase (third shelf from the top on the right hand side, middle vase).  That one's got a star bottom. 


I was specifically referring to the top left shelf and the large vase on the 4th shelf down on the right.


Anik R:
Ahhh, I see... the vases you are referring to were all designed by Frantisek Peceny, and all have got a raised rim surrounding a smooth depression.  :)

Thanks Anik,

that's a beautiful czech collection!

Ross, thanks!
The one with the tiny label, on the right top shelf (inside) is by Reijmyre, Sweden
(the one on the very top on the right is Aseda, Sweden)

"Now nobody put any of those PW in the Window Sill.  I think Rosie *should* also attach that pic here of *what* can happen if a display (in the window) is not rotated, or one is not careful with the powers of Glass + and Sun    Worthy to mention here too with Photo, IMHO"

Do you mean this one Rose??

The burned marks on the wooden windowsill were caused by the sun's rays being focussed through orb shaped paperweights like this one, so beware!!


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