Author Topic: DARTINGTON 'HEXAGONAL' VASE FOR SALE on EBAY FROM 24/08/2011 (19.07 GTM)  (Read 593 times)

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If anyone is interested I have a Dartington 'Hexagonal' vase for sale on ebay from this Wednesday 23rd August at 19.07 GMT. It's in Kingfisher blue and it was designed by Frank Thrower as pattern FT084 in 1968-69. It is 4" (100mm) high and the same across the width and it is totally free of marks, stains and blemishes. The hyper link will become active when the auction starts.

Here are some images of the vase:,42610.0.html

Thanks to Glassobsessed for the valuable information and and Rosieposie for the thoughful comment earlier!

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