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Light Blue Trinket Set - Updated Pictures

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Hey Cheri  8)

Doesn't this set remind you of your Ollie May set?  Not the same pattern but the same color, same layout of pieces (I am missing 1 small trinket box) and the trays are very similar.

Hi Connie

yes, there are similarities! although the Ollie May is all transparant ice blue.
I have actually just upgraded my photo of the whole set

I KNOW I have seen either your set or something very similar to it Connie, and have actually been trying to jog my memory on where. Will certainly get back to you if I remember.

BTW the Ollie May is on page 393 of HMW 2

Thank you, Cheri.  I would be appreciative of any information that you uncover.

Yes, I looked in HMW 2 and saw Ollie May.  HMW tended to make up names for pieces she didn't know.  I tend to think both Ollie May and my set are either British or Continental, not American.  :?

I contacted the person from which I bought this set.  They claim the covered dishes and candlesticks are pictured in the 1934-35 August Walther & Sons catalogue.

Does anyone have those catalogues that could  check this information for me please?

I dont have any Walther catalogues...maybe Pamela or Glen can help there.

I did want to mention that my Ollie May set sold yesterday! :) Sad to see it go, but real happy with the sale. 8)


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