Author Topic: Who Made this Unusual Bulb Vase? - ID = "Boda Bukett" by Rolf Sinnemark, Sweden  (Read 1325 times)

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Hello,   This is my first post so please bear with me. Last week I found an unusual bulb vase that has defied all my research efforts so far as to the maker and age. The vase is hand blown with a polished, slightly concave, pontil mark. It was marked by the seller as crystal and does give off a decent ring but I believe it is glass. The vase measures 6-7/8" tall, 5" in diameter at rim and 5" in diameter at base. The smallest interior measurement is 2-1/2" in diameter so the vase would be too large for a Hyacinth bulb but might well have been made for something like an Amaryllis bulb. From the base the glass tapers in slightly then widens to a shoulder before tapering back in approximately half way up the body. There is then a waisted section with a ring of 12 round buttons or dots. Above the ring of buttons the vase widens again into a symmetrical series of 12 reeded / fluted panels aligned with the buttons below that form the upper body and crimped style rim of the vase. Here are links to some photos: Vase Detail of upper body and rim Buttons  Base
   Any ideas as to who made this vase and its age would be truly appreciated.

Thank you!

Sincerely, blake77

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Re: Who Made this Unusual Bulb Vase?
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Oh, I happened to bump into this, a little late, but, however:  ::)

This is "Boda Bukett" by Rolf Sinnemark, Sweden  from somewhere around 70-80's.
I have saved a reference picture of one with the original box but cannot attach it as it isn't mine.



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