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Studio vase? purple with murrhines. ID = Chinese,



Not quite sure if I have got this right but at least the images won't run away!

I would be grateful for any views about this vase which is chunky. 14.5cm high and 12cm wide, with a polished base.

Bought in NZ, on holiday.

I can't find anything similar which may give me some leads.
Regards Ruth

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I saw a vase very similiar to this recently, with murrhines forming a pattern of grass and flowers to the sides.  I'm probably completely wrong, but I concluded it was a new design out of China.  :?  :?:

Wherever it's from, it grabbed my attention too, I think it's really pretty, not to mention rather hard to accomplish!

That's a fact learned, thanks Kev and for the suggestion of China. I don't tend to think 'China' regularly enough yet.
I thought it was pretty too, Max and I'm grateful to Anne for the glass gallery, it's becoming quite a good photo 'bank'.


I have to confess, my first thought was Chinese. There are quite a lot of these vases around, in similar styles, although this is one of the nicer ones I've seen. When I first started collecting glass, I was seduced into buying something similar from an antique shop. The price was £20, which I thought good-(ish) and I'd heard of "graal" and how it was made. Never having actually seen any real graal, I hoped I had a bargain. I didn't. However, Oxfam got £15 for it, :D and I had a lesson. :twisted:


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