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Street Views of Glassworks

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Good idea David, thanks. :thup:  I've rescued Chris' original topic from Archives and merged it with yours above to keep all the info together. Perhaps we should either sticky this along with the Location of... topic we already have pinned up the top of the forum or merge them together as well?

Thanks for that, David.  Nostalgia!!  I can now see (just) my (shared) office window.  Claude Frazer's (Governing Director) is the top floor right hand end behind the lamp post.  On a sadder note, I think the works itself is more or less centred on the scrap yard visible by panning left.  As I suggested in an earlier post the Art Deco offices were right at the entrance gates and well separated from where the real work happened!

Adam D.

David E:
Good idea Anne.
Glad to help Adam.

I meant to post a link to show what Leith Citadel did look like c.1920, before it was decapitated:

On SC610475 you can just make out the building as seen on the right in the Google street view.

David E:
Thought I'd run this past Adam:

Sowerby Ellison?,-1.60984&spn=0,359.984486&z=16&layer=c&cbll=54.964956,-1.606179&panoid=86L2_w_zL-3jt4crO8A3rQ&cbp=12,240.89,,0,13.46

Sadly, there don't seem to be many more available.

Not British, I know, but it does tie in - honest.

Holmegaard's 'F5' bottleworks, built in 1972 and owned by Ardagh Glass since Holmegaard went bust:

'F5' Plant

I do recommend taking a 'virtual tour' around the building surrounding the works - they're the old cottages built for factory workers to live in, built from the late 1820s onwards. The glassworks, in its heyday, was literally a self-contained village with its own school, bakery, shops and pub.

The system was modelled closely on British industrial villages of the 1800s, and so is a fair reflection of the types of communities we would once have had on our shores (but have since been torn down or lost to the anonymity of the suburban sprawl).


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