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Street Views of Glassworks

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Mike M:
Here is Preciosa

the main produced of glass beads in the Czech republic looking healthy.

Mike M:
Now this is Ruckl

Not sure if this is the original Ruckl factory known from the 1900s it is  possibly a latter acquisition.

This one is still fully working and making an cutting hand blown glass.

Mike M:
Finally (I think it's finally - I have a lot of photos and may have missed the odd glass works)

We have Stepanek - the front door of a small two brother glass works, making glass in the old style but doing the utmost best to ensure no one passes their work off as old (everything is signed and their pontil marks are very distinctive).

Beautiful stuff

Hopefully the future of Bohemian glass (there are quite a few others like this!)

-oh and yes that is Deb Truitt -(our troupe leader) in the picture!


hope you like the street views

Fascinating to see the pics, Mike, thank you so much for sharing them.
If anyone is interested in Pilkington Glass UK , here is an in depth look at what remains of there factory from photos we took there last year !

Andrew and Ruth


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