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Bernard C:
Recently I bought an attractive but probably fairly standard Caithness "Daydreams" paperweight, numbered "H87727".

I assumed that there must be some sort of Caithness archive on the Internet, but, after an hour or more searching, I can't find it.

Where should I be looking?   When did Caithness make "Daydreams", and does it have a named designer?

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard,

Caithness used to run a collectors club. On joining you received a small folder with a list and picture of all of the paperweights they made. An update was sent out each year. When we started collecting, this was free but eventually they started charging - and so we dropped out of the club.

Your best bet would be to find someone who was a member and they could check out your paperweight (sorry we cannot help, we do not have the lists anymore).



"Daydreams" was designed by Margot Thompson, 1989, and was an unlimited production item with an original sale price of UK £22.95 (US $87.50) and a "1999 value" of £29.50 ($95.00).

Details are from "The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Caithness Paperweights", published 1999. Although most images are black and white, the book has been a useful reference for folk like me who never did join the Caithness Collectors Club!

But  I now see that there is a 2004 version (2nd edition) of the book, called, "Caithness Paperweights: A Charlton Standard Catalogue".

Bernard C:
Chris and Kevin:

Grateful thanks for your time and knowledge.   I should have thought of the Collector's Club angle.

Warmest regards, Bernard C.  8)

Angela B:
Hi Bernard,
The numbers on your paperweight relate to the total number of paperweights that Caithness had been made in that year, up to that one. So yours is the 87thousand seven hundred and twenty seventh, and the H refers to the month it was made.
The 2004 edition of Colin Terris's book is definitely worth buying if you collect or deal in Caithness paperweights, even if you already have the earlier edition. The prices have been updated, there's several sections of colour photographs, and sections on paperweights that weren't included in the earlier one.
Here's a link to read more about it:
Caithness Paperweights (2nd Edition) : The Charlton Standard Catalogue, by Colin Terris, 2004
The 2004 value for "Daydreams" is GBP25, US$50.
Hope that's helpful


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