Author Topic: Stourbridge nappies - which glass house?  (Read 957 times)

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Stourbridge nappies - which glass house?
« on: February 19, 2006, 04:34:46 PM »
Hello all
Posting to Adam P's inquiry on his Stourbridge Tazza got me in a mood for taking pictures and today we have a very overcast sky in Oklahoma, so it is perfect for taking some photos.

I got these two nappy dishes about a month ago at GREEN VALLEY AUCTIONS in Virginia USA.  I have since sold the Green opalescent one, but have not yet shipped it.  I bought the pair in a lot, just to get the purple opalescent version.  

Did any of the glass houses make more amethyst opalescent than others?
(I know, I know, all could have made them - and the workers traveled too, but thought I would put the question out there anyway.)
My first thought was Stevens & Williams or Webb.  Both have matching 'raspberry prunts' on their underside.  I bought the amethyst opalescent piece just because the color is so unusual.  However, if there had not been a bit of vaseline glass on it, too, I probably would not have passed on the bidding.

I also recently got a satin finish LEMONESCENT piece by Thomas Webb that matched my shiny version, so thought I would take a couple shots of that pair also.
I sure wish I could find the silverplate marmalade holder that was made for this shape!  I have seen one, but was outbid.

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