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Assorted Whitefriars...?

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Been a very busy day down at the bootsales... my wallet wasn't too dented, though.

I'm pretty sure these are all Whitefriars, but my modem's slowed to a crawl for reasons known only to NTL, so I'm finding it impossible to trawl the catalogues on like I would normally...

Well my internet connection finally woke up...

...but mostly I'm none the wiser. I tracked down the twilight footed vase as pattern 9361 and the amber shell-shaped bowl is in the 1960 catalogue, but the pattern number is illegible on the whitefriarsorg site. I can only find the blue vase mentioned sizes 12"-8", and mine's only 6".

And I can't find the other two at all - just kind of similar designs.

So was I mistaken with their Whitefriars-ness, or do they fall in the gaps between the site's catalogue collection?

Hi, my internet connection is also slow this morning, but can help with a couple of these....
1) The Twilight lobed vase looks like 9385 a James Hogan design, should be in catalogues 1954 - 57....nice one, I collect a lot from this period

2) Blue wavey vase looks like 9353 - a William Wilson design c 1954

3) Dark blue optic - may be 9094 - I believe ( but can;t confirm) these were made 6" high.. you will have to keep trawling for this

4) 9361 - correct I have one in Sea Green.

Hope this helps   Regards Emmi

Thanks for those!

I thought the Twilight one might be 9385, but the 1957 catalogue shows one with indentations on the rim, whereas mine has a reasonably flat rim.

I do like all of the pieces I bought, though, they sit quite nicely in my predominantly Scandinavian collection. :)

I've done a quick Google - no mention of pattern 9094 in anything other than 12" to 8" inches tall.  :?

T'is a mystery. But hopefully one easily solved!  :D

I found a couple of 6" - 6.25" ribbed optic vases in WFOrg's past auctions pages, but no details about production years, unfortunately.


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