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Carnival bowl question - ID = Sowerby, English Hob & Button


I just bought this for my Mum (who does like Carnival!) but would love to know what the pattern and maker is before I give it to her. Could anyone (hello Glen! :)) help please?
Bottom view:
Top view:

Looks a bit like my Sowerby "Chunky or English Hob and Button" bowl

That's the one!  :lol:


I've always wondered what these metal figures are all about as I have a cake stand like that but all in metal. I sometimes see Ballerina versions too. I recently saw one with a very flat looking ballerina figure and a clear glass top.

Brilliant! Thank you so much again Glen, and TC too of course. I hadn't made the connection as the wavy edge threw me off the trail there.  :oops:  The colour and irridescence on the one I found is amazing... it just lit up the whole shop with its glow! Just hope Mum will like it. :)


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