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Is this a Whitefriars vase? ID = Whitefriars 9537 Ocean Green


As the Whitefriars site is still down I wondered if anyone here may be able to tell me if this is a W/f vase please? It has the look of one to me, but then I'm no W/f expert!  :roll:

It's a beautiful shade of green, all the same colour, not cased clear. Oval shaped vase. No maker's marks. Flat base, no pontil. Size: 4.5 inches (114 mm) tall.

Thanks to anyone who may be able to help. :)


Remember that forum is still active as well. All the catalogues are available from there too.

I do however, think it is Pattern 9537 from 1960. The colour is Ocean Green. The height and shape are correct.

Vidfletch :D

Thanks David, I do use both sites but find the downed one easier to navigate. I have a tendency to get lost on the .org one.  :oops:

I was hoping it would be a W/f vase though... I just love the colour!  I seem to find this sort of thing round here, but none of the textured range at all. Curious!

Thanks for your help with the ID. :)


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