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Trinket set - Anne’s GTS Mystery Set 19?

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Does anyone recognise this please? I have one powder bowl and two candlesticks, none of the pieces are marked in any way, and I've never seen these anywhere else.

Powder bowl:

Thanks in hope. :)

I can't find anything like these anywhere, can anyone suggest a maker please? Clear glass with a slight cast to it, not coloured.

A clear pressed glass trinket set comprised of a tray, a pair of candlesticks, a ringholder, and a pair of stoppered perfume flasks.

All these pieces would seem to match the lidded trinket pot shown as Anne’s Mystery Set 19 at

Just a shame that there are no lidded pots along with the other pieces to confirm the match.

Comments, suggestions, or ID, please?

(Permission for the re-use of the image on GMB granted by motibleb51).

Now a clear moulded glass 7-piece trinket set: same tray, same pair of candlesticks, same ringholder BUT this time there are 3 lidded pots (that all appear to be more-or-less the same size). These lidded pots definitely match that shown in Anne’s Mystery set 19.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by lynn44-2008).

P.S., I’ve just checked Anne’s ‘Mystery Set 19’ photos again and Anne also shows a short candlestick with the same decorative features as the set above, so it may well be that the set came with an option as to candlestick size.

So a full set seems to consist of at least 9 (and possibly 11) pieces now. Any more for the skylark?

Still no ID though?


Wow! That's super to see the other pieces in this design. The candlesticks I have are the shorter ones and I bought them with the pots some years ago.  I'm intrigued that the taller sticks have a totally different shape to the foot as well...  I still have not found a maker for these. :(


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